Flipside v1.20.6 Blackberry Media Player

Flipside v1.20.6 Blackberry Media Player

A visually stunning music player for your BlackBerry smartphone. Flipside shows full cover album art for your music files, and lets you swoosh through your music collection with a flick of the trackball or finger.

You can now pause, play, next track and previous track even when FlipSide is in the background using the audio playback keys on OS 5 devices….. and…..and this is the exciting and magic bit …because it supports Bluetooth AVRCP and A2DP……you can also play it through and control it direct from your Bluetooth enabled Car Stereo, SpeakerPhone (like the excellent Jabra ® CRUISER) or stereo headsets.

Other highlights include downloadable cover art – so you can fill out the missing art in your collection – and FlipSide Extras – an online biography of the artist and suggestions for other music you might like to explore.

  •  Bring your music alive with full color cover art
  •  Find missing artwork direct from your BlackBerry
  •  Discover new music at FlipSide Extras
  •  Make playlists of your favorite tunes Plays MP3, WMA, M4A and AAC files direct from SD card
  •  Auto-pause when a call comes in
  •  Bluetooth AVRCP and A2DP support
  •  last.fm audio scrobbling support

NB : Code serial buat flipside 109267

Flipside OTA:  flipside.jad

Flipside di 4shared :  Flipside_Blackberry.jad


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